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Sol, of the Holy Order

Sol is the founder of a group of zealous crusaders known as the ‘Holy Order of Solaris,’ a religious order that pays homage to the deities of sun and fire. She is a warrior of righteousness, destroyer of evil and a cleansing flame that yearns to be unleashed deep within the heart of darkness and decay.

Sol’s mother was a cleric of Kossuth, who indoctrinated her daughter into her faith from a young age. Sol was a serious child who played little, instead spending her time poring over Kossuth’s doctrine.
Sol joined the priesthood at the age of 14 and became a missionary into other lands, branching from her homeland of Impiltur, through the Vast and into the Dalelands. It was here that she discovered the faith of Lathander, which expanded her vision beyond the rigid and neutral faith of Kossuth. Further in her travels, to Mulhorand and Unther, Sol learned of the dogma of Horus-Re.

Sol was still a cleric of Kossuth, albiet one questioning his dogma, when her missionary group was beset by an undead horde at the border of Mulhorand and Thay. It was her first real combat, despite her life as a travelling cleric, and although the day was one with minimal casualties, Sol was haunted by a feeling of un-preparedness and powerlessness.
Upon her return to Impiltur, Sol resigned her ordainment as a cleric of Kossuth and chose to take up arms as a Paladin. When she found her duties too passive, she chose to travel, lending her service to the churches of Lathander and Horus-Re, encouraging her peers to seek out and destroy evil before it threatened to overwhelm them.

Sol’s zealousness upset many of the more conservative members of the churches and she soon found that her forays into the fens of evil became unsupported and frowned upon. Furious, Sol renounced her connection to the formal religions altogether and set about founding an inter-disciplinary order dedicated to one purpose and one purpose alone: Righteous War.

In combat, Sol wields the fearsome relic Fireseal , a holy mithral greataxe forged by Fierre smiths in the seven mounting heavens of Celestia. She has carried this weapon for nearly two decades now and it is as much a part of her as her righteousness. The axe is massive and Sol uses its broad blade as a shield as well as a weapon. Fireseal also acts as a focus for Sol’s divine powers.
Sol has many combat options, but first and foremost she is a tank. If she is ignored in favor of weaker targets, she has the potential to deal significant damage with her axe and a barrage of fire and sun effects. However her true chance to shine occurs when she takes the brunt of damage. Her zeal and conviction surge as her enemies attempt to slay her, to the point that her body becomes the hub of a celestial inferno, torching her enemies while protecting her from attacks.
Sol has some limited healing capabilities which focus mostly on herself. She is able to draw the holy fire that rages about her body inwards to recover her wounds, empower her physical attacks, move more quickly, or even launch herself into the air. If enemies are focusing attacks on one of her allies, she can encase them in rejuvinating light, simultaneously healing them and blinding her enemies.

Though she is primarily a melee combatant, Sol is able to manifest some long distance fire/sun abilities. Though they do not have the pure power of a wizard’s fireball or a cleric’s flamestrike, the specialise in closing the gap between her and her enemies, so that she may lay them low with the massive strikes from her axe.


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