Frequently Asked Questions

What is this campaign all about?

“Rifts of Toril” is a full length campaign spanning from levels 1-21, that takes place in the Forgotten Realms.
The campaign idea has been sitting in my head for a few years now, but between me going to Bundaberg, finishing off uni/starting work, 4th Edition and the number of other awesome campaigns that everyone has been running, I’ve never really bothered to get the idea off the ground. Until now

I’m purposely being scant on the details because I’d like alot of the campaign to be a surprise!

Can you tell us what influences/inspirations you’ve had when designing/creating this campaign?

Sure. In terms of design – both storyline and mechanical, Rifts of Toril has been heavily influenced by:
  • The Secret of Mana (Video Game)
  • League of Legends (Video Game)
  • The Magic the Gathering Storyline (Card Game/Novels)
  • The 4th edition changes, especially to the Forgotten Realms (Roleplaying, Novels)
  • The final stretch of our Epic Campaign (Roleplaying)
  • The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen (Movie)
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (Video Game)
  • The Redemption of Athalus (Novel)
  • The Age of Worms campaign (Roleplaying)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime)
  • Madness Combat (Flash)

What kind of campaign should we be expecting?

High action, high storyline driven, character relevant.

I will be trying hard to tie various areas of the campaign in with your characters to various degrees – this is why I am looking for characters that you know very well, so that you can convey motivations etc to me, so that I may plan encounters and plot hooks around them.

I am very excited about creating this storyline and it is one of the driving forces into me doing the work for this campaign. I’d like to point out that the story is not one rigid thing that I have written out like a novel – I have only created the background and general gist. The tale will be written by your characters as you adventure through the world.

In terms of more tangible description, you will be adopting the role of heroes , not villains, apathetic mercenaries, or crazed maniac retards. I know this will be hard for some of you. I’m not trying to be condesending, I know this will actually be difficult for some of you.

By the way, I’m not saying you have to play by the rules all the time, be shining forces of justice etc. Far from it. Dark heroes are still heroes. Heroes with questionable morals and actions are still heroes from a certain point of view. In fact, I encourage characters with their own quriks, that are not as clear cut as ‘generic paladin #5’, or ‘angsty but chaotic good drow struggling with his inward darkness #40”

Okay, okay, but I don’t give two shits about what you just said. What about the numbers, man!?

Like most things, I’m keeping alot of the numbers a secret. See below for the stuff I will NOT be telling you, so don’t even bother asking.

Things I can tell you:
  • Difficulty: The campaign will be medium at the easiest times, usually hard, and at times very hard. There will be impossible encounters from time to time. Impossible encounters will have options that do not involve death. They also will NOT be ‘THERE IS ONLY ONE THING YOU CAN DO Z0MGAWD
    There should not be as many character deaths as there were/are in Savage Tide. I am not aiming for this to be a grindhouse. However I will not pull punches. In the event of a death, I will give feedback as to how it could be avoided in the future.
  • Changing of characters: THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING OF PCs. NO EXCEPTIONS. I highly urge you to play someone you will enjoy playing
  • Dice: This campaign will use dice.
  • And that’s about all the number stuff I can tell you at this stage. Check back regularly for updates! :D

I think the campaign should use this/what edition is this/can we use this book/don’t allow this etc etc

While I do read and consider your concerns/suggestions, a large amount of these choices have already been made – I’m just not telling you.
Below is a list of stuff that, no matter how much you ask, I will not tell you at this stage (this will obviously change down the track). I will direct you here if you ask about something that I’ve posted below.

Things I am purposely not telling you and have probably already decided, so don’t even ask
  • What edition we are using
  • What sources we will be allowed to use
  • Monster identification rules
  • How death/rez works

I have some questions about Shannon’s involvement in this campaign…

I bet you do.

Will Shannon be in Rifts of Toril? Absolutely!

Will we have to put up with her? You will not be adventuring with Shannon, normally. I suppose you could try seek her out and adventure with her, though. Maybe.

Will we have to put up with hearing all about her throughout the campaign? No

Will Shannon be the main character in Rifts of Toril? Absolutely not. There is no main character. Her role will be similar to your role(s).

Will Shannon be more powerful than us? No. Unless you guys suck, then yes.

Can we try and kill Shannon? I suppose you could. You could do whatever you wanted, I ‘suppose. But why would you? She is a powerful force for good, contributes immensely to the cultural richness of Aber-Toril and beyond, and is adored by folk all the world over!

Anything we should know in terms of table etiquette?

Oh God Yes. Before you read below, I should warn you – it is not for the faint of heart.

Most of you should know by now, that I am pretty much a Nazi at the table. This is sort of a contentious issue. I consider gaming at the table a balance between:
1) Having fun while playing D&D, and
2) Having fun while doing other stuff that you do when you hang around with friends.

I enjoy both. I believe that when we meet up for D&D, we can do both, too. BUT, we have to make sure everyone else is on the same page as well.

When a game is being run, I feel it is important to clarify at the start how much attention you want payed. If it is a game you would like everyone to pay attention in, then that should be made clear to all players at the start, so that everybody has the same expectation. It is not fair to the other players to drag the game out simply because you found something more interesting than waiting for your turn.

I am NOT proposing the following:
  • No jokes at the table
  • Complete silence during turns
  • No laptops
  • No off topic conversation

What I would like and what I expect a bunch of people who are either working, studying at a tertiary level, married, have kids and/or are otherwise adults, is the following:

  • PAY ATTENTION GOD DAMMIT: if you have come to play, then frigging play. If something comes up – you get a phone call, you need to attend to one of your kids, you need to pee, seriously that is fine. If you are sitting at the table, reading a D&D book, then it gets to your turn and you take longer than a few seconds to get oriented, holy fuck I will kill you.
    People: if you cannot handle this simple rule of paying attention, you should reconsider playing in the campaign. I do not say this lightly.
  • Breaks : We will have breaks, for food, chatting, changing nappies, games of magic, etc etc. If everyone is bumed out or bored with the campaign in a session, we will finish early. No biggie. Just let me know. I’d much rather this than drag out a session.
    Caveat: Please don’t turn up to a session intending to go ‘I want a break,’ 1h into the session. Or worse still, turn up and then say, ‘I don’t want to play.’ You know who you are.
  • Time taken during your turn : No set time to make your decisions, but promptness is the key. Turns go alot faster if you pay attention and see what is changing during the battle. If you have to look at everything anew each time it is your turn, you will obviously take ages. I don’t mind if your turn goes a bit longer if you have been paying attention and it is a tough call, or you’re thinking through some tactics. I do mind if you start your turn with no idea what is going on.
    If you are disorganised on your turn, don’t know what is what and are taking ages, I will make you delay. If you find this is happening to you alot, perhaps you need to pay more attention
  • Laptops : Laptops are permitted, though I would prefer printed character sheets, as that removes the temptation and distraction. I will print your character sheet for you if you cannot do it, if it means you will play with a paper copy of your stats . If you do bring your laptop, please don’t look up funny pictures the whole time, or go on facebook. Same goes for phones.

I have heard that there are like, 10 players!? How are you going to pull that off!?

Good question.

In the past, it has been demonstrated time and time again that playing D&D with this many people with one DM is near impossible, if only because the turns take too long and people WILL get distracted.

The simple answer is that we will not all be playing at once. Apart from the fact that we’ll never all be free at the same time, the campaign is designed in a way that I could support two adventuring parties at once, or I could run the same adventure twice at different dates, a-la Living FR.

By pure virtue of free time and commitments, some of you will be able to play more than others, which is okay. I have planned for this and hopefully it should not be too much of a problem, by virtue of running sessions in parallel occasionally.

Yes, this does mean I occasionally have to create double the adventures I normally would. Hence why I will stab your face if you waste my time.


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