Rifts of Toril

This is the campaign that I am currently writing. Please check this website every so often for updates!

UPDATE 11/10/10

It has been brought to my attention, as Stu has so astutely pointed out, that this campaign is ‘Like Duke Nukem Forever’.

I have been working on this campaign, though not as much as I would like. There is a lot of number crunching going on at the moment. I have been trying to do alot of playtesting, but it has been very difficult to get more than 1-2 people avaliable to do so and I have not tried to push this as Kerrie has been unwell for the past few weeks, Dan and Jade are concentrating on their wedding and my shift frequency has increased.

Given that balance and statistics are very important to me, I do not want to rush into this. Since Stu has so tactfully pointed out how tardy this campaign seems to be, I would like to point out that your character, Stu, is causing a large part of the delays, particularly as I haven’t been able to catch up with you.

When I first set up this website, I explictly said that this campaign was NOWHERE near completion or running. It was in its early design stages and I never intended it to be finished quickly. I still standby the fact that Rifts of Toril will not be run until our other campaigns are complete.


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Rifts of Toril

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